Monash Student Athlete Profile: Mitchell Burman

Mitchell Burman

SPORT: Tennis

HAND: Right-Handed

FACULTY: Business and Economics


PROUDEST SPORTING ACHIEVEMENT TO DATE: Achieved ranking of #72 in the Mens Australian Tennis Rankings.

AMBITIONS: Travel the world competing on the ATP tour.

HOW MANY AUG’S HAVE YOU PLAYED (INCLUDING 2015): 3, two as a player and one as a coach

WHEN DID YOU START PLAYING? I began participating in group tennis lessons by the age of 5 and started casual competition by the age of 7.

WHAT GOT YOU STARTED PLAYING? My sister was the first to begin playing tennis and as a young kid I was always hanging around the courts. I think through annoyance of me on the sidelines my Dad asked the coach whether I could join in.

FAVOURITE PLAYER GROWING UP? James Blake - I always remember the summer holidays of school when the Hopman Cup was on and he was the most energetic and exciting to watch.

FAVOURITE SURFACE? Grass - Growing up in the country I had a lot of time spent on grass courts.

WOULD YOU PREFER TO BE THE UNDERDOG OR THE FAVOURITE? Favourite - I don't mind being the underdog but I've always seemed to be a better front runner.

BEFORE A GAME I ALWAYS... Find solitude. In the hour before a big match I prefer to stay quiet and often concentrate only on my thoughts and not of those around me.

WHEN I’M NOT AT UNI, COMPETING OR TRAINING I AM... Coaching. I currently spend my casual work hours coaching at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. If I really feel I need time off court I do enjoy a round of golf for relaxation.

FUN FACT: As a right handed tennis player I obviously use my right arm significantly more than my left. The night before a big match I can never fall asleep on my right side in fear that I'll wake up sore.

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