Highlight: Fight for Medals

TeamMONASH are playing in twelve gold medal matches and semi-final games today.

TeamMONASH was devastated to lose the overall trophy to Melbourne University at the 2013 Australian University Games. All 670 athletes are determined to win as many gold medals as possible and bring the trophy back home to Monash University. 

With the help of Taekwondo’s convincing win, TeamMONASH already have one gold medal under their belt, and are feeling confident to contend for victory on today’s final. 

The sports competing for the gold medal are: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Netball, Softball, Tennis, and Tenpin Bowling. 

Two of the most exciting competitions would be the Badminton and Football final, which TeamMONASH will face off against the University of Sydney, who claimed gold in Football and silver in Badminton last year; and the University of Melbourne, who dominated the games winning gold in Badminton, Football, and Baseball. 

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