Day 3 Wrap

The TeamMONASH Badminton team

TeamMONASH continued their impressive scores, booking their place in the AUGs final.

The Badminton man’s team stay undefeated and are through to the final on Friday. 

"I am looking forward to playing against the stronger universities at finals!" said Bryan Gui, the Sport Manager for Badminton.

Men's Futusal Team
The TeamMONASH’s Badminton victory is also attributed to the women's team. They showcase resolute defence and sent several universities packing in the first leg. 

The men's Futsal team have won all their games except losing one draw against the University of Sunshine Coast. 

"The team is having an amazing couple of days, if they keep this up we will definitely play for gold in the finals," said Qixiang Huang, the sport manager for Futsal. 

Having held strong defence, the TeamMONASH’s Softball team are on a winning streak.

"I am pleased to announce that the women's softball team are currently undefeated!" said 
Alysha Waye, sport manager for Softball. 

"This is giving our team the confidence to beat the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), the only other undefeated team on Friday." 

TeamMONASH Softball Team

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