Chadstone Wins in Div 1 Women's Lacrosse

Chadstone storms home for their first win in two years against Caulfield 10 goals to 4 as they start this season one win from one game.

The team played a near flawless game with 7 different goal scorers. Chadstone actually scored 13 times but had 3 goals disallowed in the space of 5 minutes in the second half.

Team captain Shannon Edwards scored three  goals and had two goals disallowed in a Best on ground performance. Linda Ho in her first game in more than 12 months returned with two goals. Rach Brick was unstoppable in the centre draw after hours of practice on a new technique.

U /17 Players Kira Mowat and Ally Campbell were huge contributors in the attack line feeding assists all day and contributing a goal each. Sally Daniel in the midfield worked tirelessly all day with one goal and Audria Hu with one goal created endless opportunity with her explosive speed in the midfield. Saki Saito scored as well and was impenetrable in defence along with her defensive partner Yukiko Komiyama. Ellie Cope was very solid all day saving over 66% and clearing well all day.

Based on the form of this game it looks like this team may have turned the corner and next weeks game should be one to watch.

Best Players
Shannon Edwards
Audria Hu
Rachael Brick
Linda Ho
Ellie Cope

Goal Scorers
Shannon Edwards 3-1
Linda Ho 2-2
Kira Mowat 1 -3
Ally Campbell 1 -3
Sally Daniel 1 -0
Audria Hu 1 -1
Saiki Saito 1-0

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