Club Spotlight: Monash Board Riders Enjoy Hotham Trip

Monash Board Riders (MBR) Club love every sport on a board - from surfing to snowboarding to skating and more!

Hosting many events over the year, MBR enjoyed one last trip to the snow before it all melts in 2014. Members had the chance to snowboard and ski at Mt Hotham.

Blue skies were had everyday of the three day trip, with temperatures cool enough to keep the snow from melting.

A total of 18 members attended the trip and four committee members.  Three of the 18 members were first timers, and feel in love with sport after receiving lessons.

"It was awesome to see a huge improvement In everyone's riding," said Michael Finck, a MBR committee member.

For more information on MBR, see their Facebook page.

Even if snowboarding or skiing isn't your thing, you can still appreciate the stunning pictures from the trip below!


Check out our latest facebook event photo album: