AUG Team Profile - Men's Futsal

Men’s futsal have a long history of success. In the past three years the men's team have won Gold (2014), Silver (2015) and Bronze (2016) at AUG. In addition to Silver (2015) and Bronze (2016) at SUG.

The team is currently going through a transition period. The ‘golden generation’ have passed on the baton to the new generation, with no futsal players from last year’s team in the squad. The new team has been working hard to form the chemistry needed to succeed in futsal. They have been putting in 100% effort with training and picking things up extremely quickly, they are shaping up to be a strong and competitive side.

The team has two goals. The team wants to make it to the gold medal match and take out the competition. However, they are also aiming to develop a strong foundation, to allow them to extend their abilities into future competitions representing Monash.

Men's futsal for the last few years have been dominated by Monash, RMIT and ECU all three of these teams have been extremely competitive and produced spectacular games of futsal and finals to be involved in. However, like the Monash team, the team is expecting a few changes to the other team lists this year.

This year we have three young guns to watch out for. Firstly the new GK Samir he comes from a strong futsal background and will be for sure one of the best in the competition. We also have two new players Matt Bucello and George Cummins who have shown to dominate the court and produce some great plays.

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