Monash University & The Oaktree Foundation

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the recent reactivation of the Monash University-Oaktree Partnership.

The past two months saw over 800 people participate in Limbo Below the Line and approximately $50,000 raised at the Live Below the Line campaign to help end poverty. 

Monash University and Oaktree share their value of youth empowerment and making positive change in the world.

We have in the past months revitalised this partnership through the Limbo Below the Line world record attempt and participation in the Live Below the Line campaign.

On April 20th over 800 students at Monash University's Clayton Campus limboed under a pole set at just one metre. With the aim of raising awareness for extreme poverty and the upcoming Live Below the Line campaign. 

The Limbo event acted as a catalyst for the Live Below the Line campaign on May 2nd-6th. Throughout the campaign over 150 Monash students lived on just $2 a day. In the process raising approximately $50,000 to help end poverty.

Monash Residential Services (MRS) as a cohort raised $12,000, with Farrer Hall winning the College Cup after raising $3,624 themselves. 

It was fantastic to see the cooperation of all in raising funds and awareness for the alleviation of poverty.  

This important partnership will continue to grow in the future as we strive to provide Monash students with an outlet to help alleviate extreme poverty. 

Check out our latest facebook event photo album: