Monash Boardriders in 2015!

What a year 2015 has been for Monash Boardriders so far! 

The Monash Boardriders Club are lovers of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, and cater to board riders of all skill levels. Their mantra is simple, if you love anything to do with riding a board, then this club is for you. The Monash Boardriders are in the middle of their biggest event calendar year yet, and welcome new members no matter what your boarding capabilities consist of.

There are a number of social and competitive activities members can take part in. For example there are the Surfing Uni Games, where the Monash Boardriders previously finished 2nd overall. This year the Monash Boardriders also traveled to Queenstown and Wanaka in New Zealand for a ten day snow trip. Surf camps at Lorne, Wye River and Sandy Point were also on the Boardriders' calendar this year.

Those looking to enhance their skills are welcome to attend 'Learn to Surf', 'Learn to Snowboard' and 'Learn to Skate' days, with lessons given by members of the Monash Boardriders. The first ever Surf Ball was also held earlier this year. 

A lot has been happening for the Monash Boardriders this year, however Semester 2 brings numerous more events:
  • Three surf camps.
  • Two weekend snow trips.
  • Regular skateboarding missions.
  • Learn to skate days.
  • Two learn to surf days.
  • More infamous Boardrider social nights!
For more information, visit the Monash Boardriders Facebook page at:

You can see the Monash Boardriders putting on skate or snow boarding demos around campus, such as at Monash Sport's Friday Night Freeze as part of Winter Fest on Friday 7 August. More info here: